Bridging Old and New

Welcome to the New Town Centre in Selfoss

History Meets Tomorrow

Some towns are old, and some are new. But in Selfoss, the past connects with the present in a truly unique way. We look forward by looking back.


35 historic buildings, previously damaged by fire, or had fallen into disrepair, are being reconstructed to form a unique cultural centre.


Cutting-edge architecture is set against the panorama of Icelandic history. Within a one-hour drive of all Iceland’s major nature attractions in the south.


Opening in 2021, the new Selfoss Centre will  host shops, restaurants, hotels and cultural activities of different kinds.

Things To Do

Behind the beautiful facades of classic Icelandic houses, you’ll discover new venues for culture, arts and entertainment.


A grand monument to the unique wooden cathedrals built in Catholic Iceland during the middle ages. Find out how and why such massive structures made of timber were built in a country with no forests. The Wood Cathedral is unlike anything you have ever seen.


In the lovely reconstructed old Selfoss Dairy, the Skyr Center is an immersive experience of the healthy Icelandic food, its history and heritage, with the added value of tasting a variety of skyr products and other surprises. A must visit for all food lovers.


From fine dining to fast food, Selfoss center will offer a variety of restaurants to choose from, with special focus on local ingredients. Cafes, pubs and a local brewery will add to the experience day and night.


With a mix of smaller local boutiques as well as more known brand stores, Selfoss will have something for everyone, from curiosities to necessities.


All sorts of hotels, guesthouses and apartments can and will be found in Selfoss. With its otherwise sophisticated infrastructure, Selfoss is a great place to stay while discovering the natural wonders of south Iceland.

Selfoss is the Center of the South

Selfoss is ideally located in the South of Iceland with the Ring Road nr. 1 going literally through the town, making it a great hub between the Golden Circle and the South shore.



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The project is led and financed by a privately owned company, Sigtun Developments, formed especially for this project.

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